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"In my line of work I deal with leadership and how do we build peoples capacity, to be better people to do better and to be more effective and efficient.


To teach it, you must first believe it." 

Duane Vickery

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Be Real. Stay True. No mask required. We value who you are.


Our lived experience is all we have, and it is what we bring into the learning and development space. 


Everyone has a story to tell. We connect to one another through story. We value story telling because it is what crosses the great divide and unites us as one.


We create safety because this is where we grow trust. Safety in relationship.


We value risk because it is born out of safety and bravery. 


We struggle every day in the little things because we strive for excellence and not perfection. We value struggle.


Intentionality is sticking to your word when no one is watching and seeking private victories in the little things. Only then can we achieve. We value intentionality.



Managing Director

Duane Vickery is an educator, facilitator, trainer and mentor in the field of leadership, community engagement and community/corporate governance. Read more...

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Danny O'Neill is a highly skilled communicator and facilitator who specialises in people development, community engagement and change leadership. Read more...

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Marketing & Promotions

Enzo Bocchino, 23 years of age, works in Marketing and Promotions at ETM Perspectives Pty Ltd. Enzo Inspires to make a positive impact, Challenges to live Healthily, and Empowers to Believe in yourself.

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Claremont College, Tas

Work Exposure in Government (WEX) is an Australian Government funded programme. It aims to increase the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people working in the Australian Public Service .

WEX does this by bringing high-performing year 10, 11 and 12 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to Canberra and provides them with hands-on exposure and information about job opportunities and career pathways in the Australian Government.

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